Why Focus Is Vital For Your Success
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Why Focus?



This word has been thrown around so much that the word itself has lost some credibility.

Did you know that Focus is one of the most powerful words you can use to achieve whatever it is you actually want?

Granted, actually ACHIEVING them does take some time, I won’t deny that.

How Do You Know If Focus Really Does Help?

When people are in a focused state, the words “I Cant”, “Maybe”, “I’ll Try” and “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” are completely eliminated from their vocabulary.

Do you guys realize how powerful that is? It means you will stop at NOTHING to achieve the things that you want to achieve in life, whatever it may be.

In many ways, being focused can easily be summed up to “Do or Die” or “for as long as it takes”. For those people who lack focus, they will end up quitting when the going gets tough. These people are all around us, you may have experienced this yourself because I know I have, countless of times.

Have you also noticed that people who lacks focus, lacks direction too? They just can’t seem to commit to a certain commitment and often jumps to one thing to another, I myself can definitely relate really well to this. I started this year with a commitment to myself to blog and record a video daily, I failed to commit to the video task but luckily I somehow found a way to stay committed to blogging daily.

And the result of that, I’m starting to SEE progress. Let me say that again in a different phrase, the result of my continuous focus on blogging are OBVIOUS.

I get consistent 100 visitors and rising to my blog daily even though I have completely stopped heavily promoting it on the internet and guess what? I made a few sales too.

Although the results does not come instantly, once you are completely focused and committed on something, progress is definitely inevitable.

Yes, I am still very far from my goal of making $100,000 by the end of this year, but I am slowly reaching that goal. I never plan on stopping.

Now what left for me to do is to expand my content creation and start uploading more videos on Youtube to compliment my blogging efforts. The Empower Network really did help tremendously in guiding me to the right path because by staying focused, your mind will continuously look for ways for you to reach your goal and that is how I stumbled upon the Empower Network.

Listening to their inner circle product really does help me stay focused, and I have to confess, before I jump into the Empower Network bandwagon, I completely underestimated the power of motivation.

My dad, whom I used to greatly respect, is the type of person who would choose to critique instead of motivate. I got a little bit of that attitude from him as well, I’ve got to admit. But now, my perspective is a lot bigger and I am finally able to see the power of motivating others instead.

Motivation helps me to stay focused and by motivating others, that will also help them to stay focused. I was selfish back then, I only wanted success for myself. I wouldn’t care if others are miserable as long as I WIN. But my argument with my step mom yesterday definitely confirms it, I was terribly wrong. So now I officially announce that I will dedicate my life to motivating and supporting others because that is what makes a great leader.

Ardiv Jauhari

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