What Is Social Networking? 3 Words: You! Popular! Internet!
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what is social networking

What Is Social Networking?

Do you still remember your school days? Were you involved with any particular group of friends? How did you guys get involved with each other in the first place? By simply starting a conversation of course! If I had to guess, I would go on and say that you and your particular group of friends shared the same interest which then lead to the conversation on that particular topic. Now, what is Social Networking ? Social Networking is basically the same thing, except a million times more powerful.

Imagine having the ability to converse with an extremely LARGE community of people that share the same interest rather than a small community of students at your old school. You would also be able to pick out the ones that really relate to you instead of just having to make do with what you have offline. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? Of course it would! Through the birth of these Social Networking sites online, you are granted the freedom to choose who you would want to hang out or share stories with ALL from the comfort of your own home!

During the early days of the Social Networks, MySpace was a powerhouse. It was new, exciting and every teenager needed to have one. It was such an innovative way to keep in contact with friends INSIDE and OUTSIDE of school. The ability and freedom to personalize your space was something that was unheard of and clearly was something a lot of people wanted. Now ironically, MySpace was just a thing of the past (holy crap it hasn’t even been that long too!) and people have decided moved on to the more “in” Social Networking sites.

FACEBOOK. Now this goes without saying, if you’re on the internet right now, then you most probably have a Facebook account also (ahem, you wouldn’t mind sparing a like to my Facebook page to the right now would you? *wink*). But my question is, how have you been using Facebook? Are your friend list filled with only the people you know? (which is totally okay if you’re the type that are not comfortable socializing with strangers) or are you utilizing Facebook to build connections with POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL people that could elevate your credibility and *cough*popularity*cough* both online and offline?

I have only just realized this fact myself, and honestly I am an introvert. I ABSOLUTELY despise socializing (nah just kidding, not ABSOLUTELY :P) and I have never been great around people. Also did you notice how many CAPS words I’ve used on this article so far? It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me being an introvert. :D

Now, now, I don’t want you to start getting irritated so I’ll sum it all up real quick.

I’ve discovered that Social Networking works best if you share the fun and interesting side of you. People get on the Internet to break out from the repetitive cycle of the real world, and are constantly looking for fun and socialable stuff to keep them entertained, which is why Youtube and Facebook are the two most visited sites in the world.

If you’re looking to build your network of friends and possible partners, I would advice you to let go of the seriousness. I’ve only just started applying this and it’s already working a tremendous amount for me.

So what is social networking in the simplest term? 

Building connections with new people, building your ideal social community.

Ardiv Jauhari

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