What I Am Doing To Develop My Singing
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Hey guys, for those of you who are already connected to me on Facebook, I’m sure that you’ve noticed me posting short clips of myself singing a couple of cover songs. Well the truth is, I’ve decided to develop my singing voice so that I could sing my own song compositions (those that are very personal to me which makes me feel that I really should be the one who sings them).

The good news is, I’ll be tracking and sharing my progress with you by uploading those cover songs on my Soundcloud account and at the same time describe the vocal techniques that I’m working on for each song so for those of you who are interested to develop your singing ability as well may check up on my progress for some real life examples.

Though I have to remind you that I already have a strong foundation in music built throughout my career as a Guitarist (not that amazing of a guitarist but I can comfortably say that I do earn thousands of Ringgit to perform on the guitar every now and then) so all that is left for me to do is apply what I know to my singing. Although it still takes a lot of practice to, I noticed my vocal ability is growing at a much faster rate compared to others who doesn’t have any musical background. That doesn’t mean you should give up though because everyone has to start somewhere, I didn’t learn the guitar in one day/week/month too.

I would also recommend that you record yourself singing, upload it, and share it with your Facebook friends if you’re really serious about developing your singing. All it takes is for you to push yourself to take the first step, post the recording and ask your friends for areas that you could improve on with your singing. Be strong, have courage and consider the comments or critics you receive from your friends as road signs that tells you which direction you should take to reach your goal as a singer, whatever it may be.

Now on a side note, my first lighting equipment has finally arrived! It is a boom light stand for hair lighting (its an integral part of this “3 point lighting” thing I learned while researching how to record good quality videos) and I’m expecting the other equipment to reach me by next week the latest :)

Studio Hair Light

I know, I really need to get off my lazy butt and start painting the wall

On the audio side of things, I’ve just got my hands on a Shure SM58 (they say its an industry standard vocal microphone and now I know why!) the quality is superb and miles ahead of my previous RM20 microphone LOL.

Shure SM58

This is freaking LEGENDARY! :)

I know I told you guys on my last couple of posts that I’d be using a condenser microphone to record vocals on but for some reason my Audio Interface isn’t picking up the condenser mic. I have my eyes on a new Audio Interface but I’ve already spent a lot on getting these already so that will have to wait. Lastly, here is a picture of the condenser mic that I couldn’t use :(

Condenser Microphone

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