The Story Of The 5 Tools: Traffic Generation Tools
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Get More Visitors With These Traffic Generation Tools

traffic generation tools

If you ever find yourself asking questions such as these:

  • What is the best way to drive traffic to my website?
  • What’s the fastest way to generate traffic to my website?

Then trust me when I say this, you are not alone!

When I started my blog, “how do I start driving traffic to my website” was certainly the first obstacle I had to face, it is THE question we all need answers to.

We’ve all heard about how “Content is king” or “you’ve got to guest post on other blogs to steal their traffic” or “submit your articles to article directories” right?

Now, I’m not saying that those method doesn’t work because I’ve personally tried them as they definitely work but it take AGES and sometimes VERY time consuming to come up with an idea on what to write about. Writing content does take a lot of energy!

So being the impatient guy that I am, I just HAD to come up with an easier way for me to generate traffic FAST to start seeing results NOW. I decided to take on the challenge and search for the secret, and so…

The Story Of The 5 Tools Begins

I embarked on a journey to find some type of “cheat” to get more people to visit my websites because I can’t stand waiting for days, weeks or worse, months before I start seeing results for my hardwork.

I searched far and wide, I traveled the dangerous forest of Google where I am constantly being slammed with search results that are most of the times misleading, I dived into the sea of Youtube where I was often seduced to watch pretty girls talk or sing on videos.

It was a rough ride.

Luckily, after days of adventure in the online world I finally returned home to my blog with tattered clothes and skinnier body due to lack of vitamins, but behind my back, I was carrying a little green bag.

Inside that little green bag was the answer that you all are now seeking, the 5 sacred tools to generate traffic for free. That’s right, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice a goat to the god of internet to start using them or even pay a single cent to the person holding the donation box.

You must be eager to find out just what are these sacred 5 traffic generation tools which could potentially change the fate of your new website.


I smiled and open up the little green bag from earlier, revealing the 5 sacred traffic generation tools:

5 Traffic Generation Tools To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

1. You Like Hits - A social media mutual sharing site where visitors can create a free account which allows them to earn points by exchanging twitter follows, video views and more with other users.

2. Add Me Fast - A website that networks people to help each other get more likes or views to their web pages. It is basically the same as You Like Hits but with an added bonus of exchanging Facebook shares and subscribers which You Like Hits lacks.

3. List Joe -  A safe-list mailing service that offers a free membership and allows you to send out solo ads for free to their user database. The downside of this is, you will be bombarded with offers and emails from other users as well. I would advise you to create a seperate email before registering with List Joe.

4. Easy Hits 4 U - A traffic exchange program that allows members to earn visits to their websites by visiting other members’ websites. This program also offers banner advertising and text ad advertising by assigning earned credits.

5. Hits Booster Pro - Hits Booster Pro manual traffic exchange brings hits to your website. It has a lucrative referral program that allows you to earn traffic and money from your downline’s surfing and upgrading.

There you have it the 5 sacred traffic generation tools that you can use to instantly drive more traffic to your website. Put them to good use because as they say, with great website comes great responsible! ;)

Ardiv Jauhari

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