The Only Way You Learn How To Market Is By Making Mistakes
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The only way you learn how to market is by making mistakes” said Dave Wood.

Shit.” I said to myself.

I realized that I just got myself into some really deep shit which is called “Internet Marketing”.

Still, I continued watching the training videos inside the Empower Network members area.

Nearing the end of the training video, Dave Sharpe, who was the second presenter, said ”Expect to lose 90% of your investments, and be okay with it”.


Here I was, expecting to make a few quick buck by joining the Empower Network, got slapped in the face back to reality. I guess there really is no shortcut to becoming successful.

But I decided to give it a go and went ahead with buying advertisements all over the place, and exactly as they’ve said, I lost 90% of what I invested into advertising. I’m not rich too and so it hurts, so bad.

Though, while I tried my luck with paid advertising (obviously it didn’t work too well), I also followed their advice and started blogging daily. So far this is the only method that has worked well for me thus far, you can see my latest update by clicking here.

Don’t get me wrong, I did make countless of mistakes while learning how to blog as well. It’s just that, since blogging is a free method, I am allowed to fail as much as I needed to get to where I’m currently at.

As long as I keep being consistent, I’m sure this blog will eventually be my “retirement fund” of traffic and leads.

Still, it sucks that I no longer have enough budget to burn on advertising, which is one of the “core commitments” in Empower Network. I guess I’m back to free classifieds advertising for now.

It’s funny though, because now that I finally ran out of budget. I finally start to see what were the things that I did wrong during my “paid advertising spree“. Was this what Dave Wood meant by “the only way you learn how to market is by making mistakes“?

Holy shit! That’s “deep”!

The deeper I get into Internet Marketing, the more things starts to become clearer..

I noticed things that I did not notice before..

  • I can tell the difference between someone who is full of crap and someone who is being honest
  • I can tell the difference between money oriented and people oriented
  • I can tell the difference between the leaders and the followers

This is all a really big revelation for me, I’m sure it will be for you too once you decide to get started.

Learning how to market and making money online, offline or whatever, is NOT really a system because from what I’m experiencing and going through right now, I can tell you that it is a process. 

Whenever you find someone saying “buy this system and you’ll become a millionaire tomorrow“, believe me when I say this, he or she is full of crap.

Look for companies that will GUIDE you through the process and show you the proper steps to take. This why I highly recommend the Empower Network if you’re serious about starting a business online or even expanding your offline business online.

Click on the link below, watch the video, and witness it for yourself. If it feels like the Empower Network is where you belong, then join us in this movement and let’s change the world.

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Ardiv Jauhari

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