The Key To Success: How Asking Yourself A Simple Question Can Change Your Life
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The Key To Success Is To First Believe That You Can Achieve It

One of the myths about the key to success is that people need to be born with some sort of special ability to achieve it. That is so far from the truth. Success, like any other, can be built and achieved. There are others who blame their low self-confidence to their lack of good looks or poor upbringing.

They just don’t seem to realize that the key to success has nothing to do with their current state of life but instead, it is a reflection of one’s determination and belief. That’s right, they can overcome this myth by learning to believe in themselves. In fact, you may not even realized the littlest of success that you’ve accomplished so far (yes achieving the ability to ride bicycles should also be considered a success).

We all faced this sense of certainty in the things we attempt to do. Certainty makes us feel confident in our ability to deal with a situation which is why we should apply that to every other aspects of our life. It is important to believe that we can achieve anything if we are determined to do it and that it will in return, give us the results we want to achieve.

The Key To Success Is To CHOOSE To Be Successful

Success – like everything else – is a choice. You can CHOOSE to be more successful at whatever it is that you enjoy doing. At those times when you are clouded by the feel of uncertainty or powerless, remind yourself that you are in charge and you can choose how you feel. You can choose to feel self-assured, certain, decisive, and positive.

By learning to consciously cultivate these attitudes you can learn to be confident. Like building muscles, you purposefully build confidence in yourself until you can learn to rely on yourself without hesitation. The key to success is to keep forcing yourself to push your limits and JUST GO FOR IT – the more you act on your doubts and worries, the more confidence you build and the more confidence you have the easier it is to just do it with certainty.

Because belief is just a thought you keep thinking, keep thinking thoughts such as: “I AM a confident person. I WILL achieve success, I am DETERMINED¬†to achieve success!” Think and FEEL these kinds of affirmations and your self-confidence will go through the roof! Focus on what you love and appreciate and value about yourself.

Once you get FOCUSED on your positive aspects, you’ll realize how great you truly are! FEEL the satisfaction, the pleasure, the confidence whenever you achieve something. The more you FEEL it, the more likely that success will become your dominant vibration.

Lastly, I was browsing Youtube earlier today and found a very inspirational video by Jim Cathcart, which is what got me to write an article covering the key to success. In this video Jim tells us a story about how asking yourself a simple question can tremendously affect your life, and that question is…

“How Would The Person I’d Like To Be, Do The Things I’m About To Do?”

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