Slacking Off And Still Seeing Results In Traffic
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Slacking Off But Still Getting Results?!

Hello, I’m not sure if you guys noticed but these past few days I have been slacking off with my blog content writing and got other people to write for me instead. And that is not actually a good thing, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Truth is, I have been switching my focus from doing all these SEO stuff and focused on generating leads for my email list. I’m sure most of you guys (if you have been involved in Internet Marketing that is) have heard of the famous phrase “the money is in the list”.

Yep, these past few months I have been too focused on getting traffic but my sales conversion is really low.


Because I never intended to capture my visitor’s email information. I now realized, that was a bad decision.

While I have obtained a decent level of ability to generate traffic, where literally I can get around 100 people a day from all over the world, to drop by my site and actually read the content I posted here, my sales are still not where I would like them to be.

That’s not entirely a bad thing though because now I have the valuable knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and article marketing which I can charge a considerable amount of money to my local businesses to make a quick profit.

But that’s not the reason why I got into business in the first place anyways, I’m not interested in becoming a “specialist“.

My main goal in business is to create entity that would generate me income without me actively working on it. And blogging is a perfect example of this because when you create content, your content then stays forever on your blog for as long as the internet still exist.

Now why is that good? Because once you’ve created enough bridges to your blog from other websites (“bridges” are links, which also stays on forever), you can expect visitors to come visit, without you needing to promote your blog daily. Click here to find out more about “bridging”.

I can definitely testify this as this is exactly what happened to my blog. I have now literally stopped building links to my blog but I’m still getting a steady flow of visitors daily and interestingly, the visitor count keeps increasing.

Sure, it will take some work during the early stages but heck, everything is hard when you’re first learning  how to do them. Take my word for it, its worth it.

Why You Should Avoid Slacking Off

Now, as I mentioned earlier, you will want to write your OWN content on your blog. This is because your visitors will want to read more about YOU and not some random person who writes stuff on YOUR personal blog.

I made the mistake of having others to write for me and I noticed my blog’s social interaction plummeted. (Of course this doesn’t apply to those of you who are building a news site where you will need the expertise and contribution of others)

Okay, this should be enough for now I guess. Maybe I’ll share about how I’m doing with my “email list building” efforts next.

By the way if you guys are interested, I’ve set up a free 6 day Internet Marketing video course from Empower Network for everyone who signs up for my newsletter.

These are very powerful stuff which I’m sure you’ll all benefit from no matter what you want to promote on the internet, be it your website, your product or even yourself!

Ardiv Jauhari

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