Promoting Engagement Through The Use Of An Interactive Flowchart
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What Kind Of Protection Should You Use?
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Interesting Flowchart wouldn’t you guys agree? :)

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Phil from Home Security Systems and he kindly request me for a review on his flowchart… and I was impressed!

I am a firm believer that fun and interactive content encourages user engagement which is why I’m giving this flowchart a 5 Star Rating, congrats Phil!

During my conversation with Phil, I asked him where did they get their inspiration for this awesome Flowchart and this was what he told me:

The “Should I Text Him” flow chart was kind of our inspiration ( We knew that a static image was easily sharable and that a decision tree would be fun because not only is it informational but also allows for user participation.

We wanted to make it fun and still make sense, and so offering other types of security or protection for people – like guns, dogs, bodyguards (okay well maybe that one wasn’t so practical!), etc. would be a good approach.

I thought that was pretty smart because I personally have been testing out various style of writing on this very blog to see which will get me the most engagement from my readers,

  1. One was very obnoxious
  2. One was straight up facts
  3. One was sort of controversial
  4. One was helpful
  5. One was just me goofing off and sharing my experience

Now if you had to guess, which one would you say that got me the most engagement from my readers?

It’s the 5th one!

So far, that post got me the most comments during the entire course of my 3 months “blogging career”. Interesting isn’t it? People tend to engage more when you stop being a boring asshole (excuse the word ass there!) and become more fun and goofy!

Okay, okay.. I do realize that not everyone can be “fun” and “goofy” because of our different individual personality traits. But it wouldn’t hurt if you at least try.

Just thought that I should remind you, this is the Internet here. Where fun, weird, interactive and pointless stuff dominates! I mean how else can the Oppa Gangnam Style video gained over 1 BILLION views and became a world phenomenon right? People are into fun stuff here! ;)

If the flowchart above made you giggle or smile, even just a little bit (don’t lie to yourself now! :P) then why not give Phil’s website a visit? Wouldn’t it feel good to return the favor to someone who helped brighten your day today even if it’s just a little bit? Give their website a look :)

Simply click here to see what they have to offer or maybe try out their free home security assessment because I know you care about your family’s safety too, as much as I do mine.

Anyways, I guess this is all I got for you today. I hope you will find good use of the information in this post because this got my blog from the top 1 million websites in the world to the top 250,000 within the period of a couple of months.

Ardiv Jauhari

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