Nerve Wrecking Moments – Participation In Another Music Competition!
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What?! Another Music Competition?!

music competition

Today was a hell lot of fun!

My band, Epy & Ardiv signed up for music competition (AGAIN?!) a few days because we simply miss the thrill of competitions. (and also because we haven’t had the chance to do any gigs as of late!)

Today was the audition day, for the judges to see if we actually got what it takes to enter the competition. We went there early, because we thought we could practice for a little bit but it turns out we couldn’t because Cindy’s keyboard (one of our good friend, and also a very talented pianist) did not have speakers installed on her keyboard! (I totally forgot about it too!)

A Nerve Wrecking Music Competition

Luckily, the songs that we chose for the audition were really simple (mainly because there were only 3 of us!). I know, it sounds crazy to be enter a music competition and battle it out with other fully equipped bands but hey, it turned out pretty good for us!

Basically during the course of the audition, about 90 of the other bands chose to play rock, metal and hardcore stuff. This really turned out to be an advantage for us because we’re one of the few to really stand out from the crowd! :)

The judges gave very inspiring comments and asked us to bring along our full band if we manage to get selected to enter the competition. (that’s usually a good sign!)

They told us that if we get selected, they’ll call us up directly and let us know, so the only thing we can do just now is to wait and hope for the best.

During the audition, there was one particular band that really got my attention. Their genre of choice was sort of like Jazz-fusion like thingy and I’m telling you, their music blew me away!

Their line up was unique as well:

  • 1 Vocal
  • 1 Keyboardist
  • 1 Electric Double Bass
  • 1 Drummer

Yep, this was the first time that I actually saw an electric Double Bass being played on a live band set up, and the bassist that was playing it was too darn good!

Did you also notice that they don’t have a guitarist? Yeah, they don’t but the quality of their music was superb, their 4 piece line up was enough to rock the whole audition hall, I kid you not.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch their band name. If not, I would gladly share their Facebook page or maybe their Youtube channel if they have one, with you guys!

I am confident that they will get selected for the next round, and if my band got selected as well, I’ll make sure that I at least get their band name so I can look them up and share their stuff with you guys. You’ll love them seriously!

Anyways, I guess that is all that have happened today. I’m looking forward to get the results tomorrow, wish us luck guys :)

Ardiv Jauhari



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