My Home Studio Is Almost Ready!
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Jun 7, 13 • BloggingAdd A CommentRead More »

Yep you heard me right, my home studio is almost ready for some serious action!

I’ve just finished cleaning up my room and arranging the audio equipment (none of those fancy stuff, just a few basic ones for basic recording). There is a dedicated area I’ve set for me to shoot Youtube videos on, so look forward to better looking videos on our Youtube channel (yep, you should definitely subscribe to be one of the first few people to receive our updates! Wohoo!).

I’m also learning a few basic things about photography to make sure the videos we’ll be shooting doesn’t look too “raw”. So here’s a recent shot I took of the studio’s progress. :)

Ardiv Jauhari's Home Studio

Picture taken with my little sister’s Canon EOS 1100D

So how did you think I do? If there is any photographer here reading my blog, I’d appreciate your feedback yo :)

Whats left for me to do is to paint the background wall, for the area where I’ll be shooting the youtube videos and get some sort of “XLR cable” for my condenser mic so look forward to  some crispy, yummy, chocolatey sounds on the videos! :)

Ardiv Jauhari

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